Jan 30, 2010

Three Colors and the Truth

Filed In Inspiration

The old saying goes all you need to know to play guitar is ‘three chords and the truth’. Keep it simple, tell the truth and put some soul into it. Not to offend any expert players because it certainly helps to know as much as you possibly can, but sometimes knowing just enough to be dangerous and having something to say can be really all you need. I think this logic can also be applied to painting…‘Three colors and the Truth’ are really all you need. I say this because I recently went back to three colors on my newest work and I’m pleased with the results. You may not be able to match perfectly every color but you will certainly result in a better over color harmony which is very important. I don’t even necessarily think you should use the same three colors or even always stick to three colors (I may decide to do something different next week). I had been using 6 colors - a warm and cool of each primary, similar to Emile Gruppe’s pallette, but lately I decided to just pick three of the colors that will be most important in how I want to key my painting. But most importantly I better put a little soul into my painting…. That’s the ‘Truth’.