Mar 18, 2010

Studio Workshop!

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I’m Excited to Announce I will teaching a studio workshop for the first time! I have taught quite a few outdoor painting workshops which I really enjoy doing and also learn a lot myself every time. I’ve decided it’s time to do something a little different, indoors where there is less to have to deal with as far as the wind heat and other elements, but the larger scale and not having your real subject right there in front of you really can be difficult without the right inspiration. One of the big misconceptions is that a painting must be done on location to be a good painting, but the truth is that a bad painting is a bad painting no matter where it was done, and so the same goes for a good painting. Learning from plein air and continuing to train your eye to see and understand how light and nature works just helps you to better understand and use your photo when you’re forced to use them, for example, when it has been raining for two weeks and you just don’t feel like painting in it and getting any sicker than you already are. So I will be teaching just a two day workshop in June (18,19) and if there is enough interest I’ll plan to extend it to a four day workshop in the future adding a day or two of plein air and photographing the subject to the process. For info on the workshop go to the events page of my website. But still, I think painting from life whenever possibly will almost always provide fresher, more spontanious and more artistic results.