Sep 21, 2009

Return From Monhegan

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I just returned from the most intense painting trip I’ve been on in a while, to the Adirondacks and Monhegan. I have been on the road so much that I have been nelecting the blog…my apologies. but at least I have a lot of new work to show you, just posted on the website. There’s just something about Monhegan that inspires you….maybe it’s because you don’t step into an automobile from the time you arrive til the time you leave, which is separated by a ten mile boat ride; or maybe it’s because some of the great artist of the past lived or visited and painted there and walked the same pathways out to Lobster Cove or Cathedral woods and Blackhead…artist such as Robert Henri, George Bellows, Rockwell Kent, Jay Connaway, Frederick Waugh, and the list just goes on and on….And it feels like it really hasn’t changed in a hundred years. But don’t tell any one about it because it’s a well kept secret. It’s one of those places that if you have to ask what you do there, you probably don’t need to go. So anyway, I quess it’s a bit of a culture shock arriving back in Denver. that’s why I had to retreat into the mountains this weekend to take a glimpse of the fall colors of the Aspens since they will be gone almost as quickly as my stay on Monhegan was. I’m already thinking about how I could manage to stay longer next fall. But hopefully I won’t have to wait another year to go back…It’s been on my mind to return to monhegan during the winter to experience another more dedicated aspect of the Island…Guess I best be hunting out my insulated coveralls and snow boots….