Nov 12, 2009

Importance of Drawing

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I was recently reminded about how important drawing is especially in the process and preparation for painting when I was reintroduced to ‘the Ted Kautzky Pencil Book’. I had seen this book 6 or 7 years ago but not realized how important it was until recently when another artist gave me an extra copy he had of the book (Thanks Bob). If you don’t have it in your book collection, I highly recommend it. The book has reminded me that better planning and composition always results in a better painting…It leaves you more freedom to be loose and expressive while actually painting…better to spend a few more minutes planning than to spend a few more hours or days fixing and overworking a painting. I was also reminded that no matter what level we are at or what profession we are in, we can alway learn something new when we reread or reexamine the teachers of the past that we have been inspired by no matter how much we feel like we know…Quite often we relearn something we already knew.