May 04, 2010

color study

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Color - It seems that there are endless possibilities. Maybe that’s a good reason to keep it simple. But I guess everyone has a different opinion on how many is enough. Some say 3 primary, some 3 plus a few grays, others say 6 with a warm and cool of each primary, others add Cad orange, black, viridian, Transparent oxides, maybe even purple or whatever they may need to get the colors they are looking for in the most sufficient manner to them. Who’s to say anyone is right or wrong as long as they can manage to make good art. I do say that whatever colors you are using you should continue to study how they work together and what they are capable of in the simplest manner. In this quest to better understand color I have recently made myself go back to doing the color charts that Richard Schmid refers to and suggest doing in his book ‘Alla Prima’. I had started them about 5 years ago, completed 2 of them and then stopped because I was impatient and just dying to get back out and paint. So a few weeks ago I decided to dig back out the boards that I already had a grid laid out on and ready to go from 5 years ago. So now I have completed 8 of them and could just kick my self for not finishing them years ago. Just mixing paint and laying it down with a knife in little squares taught me so much about colors and how I can utilize them better and maybe even selective add a few to my palette and just use them when I need them. It makes much more sense when you see the actual charts completed in front of you and serves as a good reference for understanding what you’re seeing all around you….So Never Stop Studying!