Jan 30, 2010

Back on Tennessee Time

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After much consideration I have decided to return to the Southeast. The amount of traveling I have done in the past year has been quite exhausting. My painting traveling have included (most of them more than once) Maine, Adirondacks (NY), Princeton (NJ), Charleston (SC), Alabama, Tennessee, Wyoming and exploring other parts of Colorado, not to mention all the places in between. Since the majority of these places are in the eastern US it only makes sense for me to live closer to that area and maybe just make a few painting trips to Colorado or somewhere in the west each year. Colorado is incredible, but I don’t seem to stay there long enough at once to really feel like I can be close enough to it to call it home. Sometimes I feel like I meet myself on the way from the airport. And I guess there’s just something to be said for seeing familiar faces and places when you do get home from your travels. I don’t know that I’ll necessarily stay in Tennessee but I’m on my way back to the South and the next time I see you I may just be on Tennessee time.